Joshua Young

Joshua Young (

Joshua Young is a consultant for KPMG’s Justice and Security practice where he oversees Criminal Justice Transformation initiatives which include projects such as: optimizing patrol schedules, redeveloping behavioral health diversion models for county governments, and work-load analysis in large complex jail systems.  Josh advises on a broad range of services and capabilities, including developing and implementing innovative, cost-efficient strategies to achieve a more customer-focused, data-driven, and proactive organization.

Prior to consulting, Josh served as a member of the Ventura Police Department’s SWAT team and Detective Bureau. He retired as a police Corporal after 12 years of service.

While an active duty police officer, Josh was the first line-level officer to successfully integrate a major randomized controlled trial (RCT) within a police organization. The RCT provided empirical answers around body cameras and their causal relationship on prosecution outcomes and the speed of prosecution. Additionally, Josh developed training curriculum now modeled by numerous agencies in three countries.

Josh is a co-founder and board member of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing (ASEBP).