ASEBP Applied Criminology Course

The American Society of Evidence-Based Policing is offering an NIJ funded four-week course on Applied Criminology and Data Management. If you are a forward-thinking police practitioner or academic who wants to learn how to police in the most effective and efficient manner while reducing harm to the community, then this is the course for you! This course will help you to understand and interpret data in a new way that can take your boring Compstat or managerial meeting to a new level. You will feel more comfortable using data and research to drive innovation in your police agency, knowing that you can track your outcomes in a way that gives you a robust understanding of what is occurring in your community. If you want to be a leader in policing, understanding how to interpret data to measure your police agency's level of social harm and racial disparity is imperative. The courses will cover evidence-based approaches to common police problems, advanced statistical methods, applied criminology, theories of human behavior, mental models of policing, and research methods. The course is intended to build a student's critical thinking skills around data, science, and analysis to drive evidence-based approaches to problem-solving. This course is a four-week course occurring over a 15 month period beginning in the summer of 2021 and ending in late summer of 2022. The courses will be held at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and grant funding will cover travel, lodging, and per diem for the students. The first cohort will consist of 15 police practitioners and 15 academics with the idea that the practitioner and academic will pair as a team to co-produce research and evidence-based solutions for the practitioner's agency. If you are interested in learning more please contact us!